VVIP: Voter Voices in Politics
VVIP: Voter Voices in Politics

Your vote. Yor voice. Your VVIP Experience.

As we head towards a general election, we’re hearing from all the political parties why we should vote for them. Why should you vote at all? Will your vote make a difference?

The youth are the inheritors of a hard-fought legacy for a South Africa where every voice matters. Your voice matters! VVIP are the voices that matter.

As we approach our 30th anniversary of Democracy and the 2024 General Election, we share diverse perspectives, concerns and visions as we explore the vital role young voices play in shaping the nation’s future. Through the power of content, we encourage active participation in the democratic process.

Lincoln Machaba (Action SA Youth Leader)

Ever thought about why political opposition parties were positioned around “Fixing” or “Rescuing" South Africa during the 2024 General Elections? Join Bafana Modise as he chats with Lincoln Machaba reviewing…

VVIP Beyond the Ballot: Siseko Mdlokolo (Midrand Chairperson of ACDP)

Are there lessons to be learnt in a loss? Bafana Modise is joined by the chairperson of the Midrand branch of the ACDP, Siseko Mdlokolo. With the elections behind us…

Tebogo Moalusi (Gauteng Provincial Convener Rise Mzansi)

Did the newly formed parties make an impact? Rise Mzansi seemed to come out of nowhere eighteen months ago and Bafana talks to Gauteng Provincial Convener of the party Tebogo…

Ramarumo Mfulwane PAC (Deputy Secretary General)

To GNU or not to GNU? Now that all the votes are tallied, Bafana is joined by Deputy Secretary General of the PAC, Ramarumo Mfulwane. Like other political parties, the…

VVIP Beyond the Ballot: Nicolas Nyathi DA (Youth Leader)

Results are in, and so what now? Bafana Modise is back in studio to talk to the youth leaders of political parties. Nicolas Nyathi joins the show to map out…

Unpacking Rise Mzansi (Premier Candidate Vuyiswa Ramokgopa)

How far from the path of prosperity has South Africa drifted? Gauteng premier candidate from Rise Mzansi, Vuyiswa Ramokgopa details her experiences as she worked her way through South Africa's…

Unpacking ACP(Premier Candidate Gomolemo Kgwatlhe)

Can we trust newly established political parties? Gauteng premier candidate Gomolemo Kgwatlhe joins Bafana to explain what plans his party has if they make it into parliament.

Unpacking ATM (Lubabalo Cecil Magwentshu Premier Candidate)

Have we achieved our transformation goals as a country? High on the ATM's (African Transformation Movement) list of priorities is education. Bafana Modise is enlightened by Gauteng premier candidate and…

UDM (Prof. Mthunzi Mdwaba Premier Candidate)

How radical of a political change does South Africa need? Prof. Mthunzi Mdwaba joins Bafana Modise to outline the plans he has for Gauteng. They also take a look at…

Unpacking Patriot Alliance (Kenny Kunene Premier Candidate)

What does patriotism look like in South Africa? MMC for transport and roads, Kenny Kunene joins Bafana Modise to unpack the Patriotic Alliance's manifesto.

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